Part of my winter routine is to change my wardrobe and practically box everything out of my closet. Since winter is a friendly season for my look, I decided to add some stuff on my make up stash to complement my winter fashion plans
(don't get me wrong, I am not a fashionista or something--- I just love dressing up for the cold weather). 
And guess what? I discovered an online store (Riyadh based) that offers hard to find makeups in way cheaper price than the other store in Riyadh online market. Yes, there's Sephora but why exhaust ourselves looking for hard to find items when Irene's Closet deliver at the comfort of our homes!

My experience was great. My items were on hand so there isn't any waiting time. I was immediately scheduled to receive my orders.

I am not in a hurry to receive my pre-ordered item as I was given a good ETA. I mean, I wasn't given a false hope that it will arrive very soon. 
Check out my 1st use of Velvet Teddy. Since I don't have the butt of a Kardashian, might as well get at least their lip shade right?
I have told myself like a hundred (or more) times already that my blog will not be a mommy blog and I finally took the plunge by taking my mommy layout down. Tried to be a little more subtle yet posh.

This is a super busy month for me as a worker and as a homemaker. I don't know what happened but time has flown so fast because of the EID and for some reasons, it stopped flying at all right after it --- like being stuck in time.

I am quite thankful though because I am getting enough sleep the past days. I am afraid that blogging about it jinxes it but I am just happy because my son has been behaving well that I can sleep earlier than usual despite him being still wide awake. He eventually falls asleep naman like 15-30 minutes after hearing my snoring, hehehe!

So yeah, we have rearranged our room into a more techie theme which is fine by me. As long as it's clean and neat and quiet, "heaven's what I'd feel!"

For now, all I need is peace. I don't know why but I know I kind of need it now. I kind of feel uneasy.

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