Originally posted on 7 October 2013 (from my old blog, at the peak of people's IG addiction):
Move over hypes of Friendster, Multiply, Facebook and Twitter… Instagram is here! Yet another fad on social network I might say. And I quote an #IG post seen some months ago, The biggest problems our kids will face in the future is how to create a username that’s not already in use! Tough luck! Most usernames of my fancy are already taken! As in waley! Lost in space. What’s left for them?! Well, these are some of the #Instagram moments I’ve seen so far (and I guess you’re @ least 90% guilty if you’re a full fledged #IG addict!) 
This photo is from blog.instagram.com via google search.

1. So the #HashTag! – This originated in Twitter and I think this is much useful in #IG since it makes photos easier to search. Categorizing is better and yes, some use it too much that they probably do it in webstagram! Talk about ultimate patience! I mean, #IG is created for microblogging and oh! via smartphones. I think the process becomes overly done (if not redundant) if you tweak the post with ultralong descriptions (#hashtags) via worldwideweb. It defeats the purpose of microblogging.

2. #Photobombs of Signature Items (unless you’re @thebaghag, @bryanboy or a celebrity of ultrasossy kind) – This kills me! Although I may have a post or two that I noticed to have become guilty of this, I mean, I won’t apologize for possessing some signature items that got accidentally shot with me while I was doing a #selfie but sometimes, if the #photobomber is way too focused that I might get accused of deliberate #photobombing, I try to erase it for the heck of it! But believe me, others literally plan every single angle of their LV to pop out, every single paperbag of Balenciaga purchase must appear and yes, you won’t see anything bought from thrift or even from the grocery store! Don’t you ever buy from The Gap store? Why don’t you have a #photobomb of it? #Photobombs = expensive stuffs only. #LOL 

3. #Selfie – Hahaha. How many times a day do you take a photo of yourself? Well, if you ask me, perhaps 10 at an average? I won’t apologize for liking how I look and for posting it #LOL! #IG’s like my only space for #narcissism. I won’t bother you for posting your name spelled incorrectly on your #Starbucks frap or for your #CookieButterJars but don’t diss me for loving myself too much! And I speak on behalf of everyone who is a #selfie addict! #Nyahahaha 

4. #InstaPorn – Well hello #Instawhores! These are the people who post nothing but their popping boobs and cleavages like there aren’t too many of it already in #Facebook! We’ve seen it, okay?! 

5. #Foodporn – How can #food be associated with such #dirt! #Food is supposed to be delicious and pleasing, even sex maniacs agree that pornography is disgusting only that they find satisfaction in disgusting things! My food ain’t porn! It’s art carefully crafted by chefs who see it as wonderful creations! Well yeah, #hashtags for the sake of #hashtags… so yes, #foodporn. Ask Gretchen Baretto! 

6. #Posting your every move – Ruffa Gutierrez will make it easy for her stalkers to find her. I remember one post where a basher commented about her supposed studying (somewhere in Europe) and all she posts were party pictures! The basher said, “sa lahat ng nag-aaral, ikaw ang puro gala!” I had a good laugh because it’s just so true! But then, it’s Ruffa’s right to go wherever she likes and spend her money the way she pleases, it’s not like she is a Senator or Congresswoman who is associated with Napoles. Posting pictures of our every move makes it easy for others to judge our ways of life. That sucks but it goes together.

7. #Baby Pictures – Hehe, I won’t care if this has become an irritating trend! #IG is like my #Flickr, only with less resolution… someday, I will archive all the pictures and have it printed. Thank you #IG for making it possible for me to document my son’s every move! LOL!#Ditto on the #Nickelback #Parody. I don’t ke e e e e eyr! 

8. #Throwbackthursday – #Mema. Memagawa lang. This used to be fun until people started posting Wednesday’s photos for #tbt! Migosh! How can #igers get so annoying?!! 

9. #Flashbackfriday – #Mema. Memapost lang because you got so late posting for #tbt. Well, I kind of like this since I always get caught up with the busy sched of Thursday given that working days have been recently amended and my body hasn’t adapted well yet to a full blown Thursday duty. 

10. #Sentisabado – #LOL again. I remember how Chuckie Dreyfus ruled this #hashtags in #Twitter. Old photos of #Thatsentertainment and #Bunsongkerubin popped out like crazy! People started posting #Magnoliachocolait in #bottles and #Goyafunfactory photos. It was fun but in #IG, peope use it to make habol being all late for #throwbackthursday and #flashbackfriday. You don’t get to be absent 2 days in a row and make amends on Saturday. You don’t get to be dormant and flood us with pahabol shots later! People! Twitter is over. Send this #hashtag where it belongs! I won’t make excuses for being guilty of this #Sentisabado #hashtag in #IG. I guess I just want to have a reason for posting something old on a Saturday. To hell with #hashtags… I can post #Mondaynostalgia for all others care! Like what I always say, “#keber!”

Anyone who knows me probably know that Brooklyn is addicted to pacifiers. He may have the biggest collection of pacifiers in the whole babyworld! Whenever he throws tantrums into wanting to be on pacifier, he will cry and cry until we figure out what he wants. And yes, it came to a point that we can identify that particular cry, the "cry for pacifier!" When he became bigger, he would point at the bottle canister that has all his feeding bottles and pacifiers. He wouldn't refer to it or anything. He would only point at it and do his most desperate cry.

Amazingly, last week, the 2nd week of September 2014, I realized that he referred to the pacifier as, "paci" because that's how I call it and eventually, everybody has adapted it. He says it in a super soft way that you'd have the urge to have him repeat it over and over again until he's fed up.

I cannot believe how time flies! He's turning 2 in December and I am still thinking whether to throw him another big party or just stay with our plan to have a very solemn one as family! Gosh, I am excited but I don't want it to be a yearly tradition that is no longer as special. Hmm, I still have few months to think about it anyway!
The image is from google search taken from sewing.lovetoknow.com. 
I had a dream last night which is super weird.

Contrary to what studies show, I don't really believe that dreams have significance. For me, dreams are just random thoughts that one's subconscious manifest --- not to necessarily have meanings.

Let me share the most recurrent dream I have so far. The dreams started when I was young (but old enough to remember). It was a big house that for some reason, I knew to be situated in New Manila (believe me, I don't know why!). It was of 80's architecture, similar to those mansions in most of the movies in the 80's. As I get older, the house becomes more vivid, new parts are introduced. I was a teenager when I knew that there was a pool at the back. I had my friends come over and I have a closet full of swimwear that's never been used so I pretty much can give them away to guests. In college, I saw a library. I would hang around and study there. The lawn was so green and there were a lot of orchids on display.

I still dream of this house to date but the difference is, I am too preoccupied to dwell on a dream because all of a sudden, Brooklyn cries and I have to attend to him. I don't usually have a sound sleep. I wonder what's in that house.

I had a very elaborate drive in New Manila at one point just to see where the house could be, but unfortunately, like in my dreams, the houses were bound by tall gates! How should I see them, right?

Well, I have another dream but it's for another post.

I still have a coffee to drink.

By the way, this photo was grabbed from google images and was taken by Elisa Ursalas. Her photos are amazing!

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