Dear Lord,

I pray we'd find it, better yet, someone of good heart will contact us to return it. It happened to me, it could also happen to Kaiser. Nothing's impossible with You oh Lord.

Lord God, it will really be of great help if we can get pass this situation hassle-free. We lift everything to you.

In Jesus' Name I pray...
I was raised and did not just grow up. I am teaching these to my son as well. They may seem trivial and look like they're being learned through life anyhow, but "no" people grow old and still don't know how valuable these are in molding people's character. These are the bases of one's character, they make a person, simple as it seemed but if you're missing any of these, uh oh...

See, "knocking" doesn't only mean you're shy to enter, it means you respect the people inside. 

Saying "thank you" means you appreciate things and you are grateful for it. 

Saying "excuse me" because you value people's time and the things they do hence interrupting them needs pardon and sharing goodwill to those in need because you know that's what people do, help one another.

 #reposting this because I am glad my parents raised me properly.

It's my son's birthday on the 8th but we decided to celebrate it with our church last Friday. We are so blessed to have a brethren that supports us and of course, it's so hard to have a decent photo with Brooklyn being all so rowdy and excited.

I am glad we managed to have few, here's one from my phone cam.

I am glad people were there to celebrate with us. Thank you Jesus for another year and may You continue to bless our family with long life, good health and prosperity.
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