Saturday, March 29, 2014

My NAIA Terminal 2 Experience

It is so weird to experience hostility so early in the morning. I remember our return flight to Riyadh last 30 January 2014, things were nearly great if it were not for one particular employee assigned in OEC section in Terminal 2. I went to the check in counter and I was told to have my visa checked first, so I did. Checked in and when I was about to get our boarding pass, I needed to have my OEC checked first so I went to that mini counter where I was supposed to have my OEC checked, got it checked and the nice lady handed me the OECs (mine and Kaiser's). I was told I was supposed to go to another OEC counter far far away from the current counter and so I went. I was very giddy and happy because it was quite early and people had been nice to me until I reached the OEC counter. I handed the certificates, the woman at the counter said, "ofw?" And I answered, "opo" (polite way of saying yes in Filipino). "Nasan na yung original nito?" And I asked, alin po? --- (where is the original print?) (and I asked, which print was she looking for, again, politely in Filipino). She gave me a carbonated print and I didn't have the original so I told her, oh, perhaps the lady from the other counter took it. She said, kailangan ko yun (that's what I need) and I said, "im going to get it" and she replied in a very irritated tone, "edi kuhanin mo" (then go get it!)--- like she's sending me away like I am a huge disturbance or something. I went to the lady who automatically said to me upon seeing me again, "you left these!" She was nice earlier but her colleaugue's rudeness made me not want to be in a forgiving mood, and I told her, "Miss, you handed me the papers... You did not give me all the documents, not me. So pls don't say that it is me who left it.. Because of this, your colleague there embarrassed me like I was a child being scolded for such a big mistake." But I told her in a very non-angry way. When I returned to the older woman's counter, I gave her all the documents and told her, "you did not need to be rude, it is not even 7am yet and you still have a long day ahead, starting your day this negatively is something we do not deserve!" She did not say anything but I felt the message has been sent across and I felt her remorse too.

I hate it when I am bitchy but I think I got that treatment because I was wearing casual attire without any make up on. Being too simple did not get me any respect like how someone so composed  or en route to the USA (not Saudi Arabia!) would get. I demanded it which shouldn't be! I deserved it automatically... Well, people like her should really get canned or just retire. .. I suppose her bullying act is like a common thing for her and many might have experienced it before. No one deserved it.

I wish she changed otherwise, people should demand getting her name or photograph and have her face cyber justice.

Ahhhhh, some government employees are just sooooooo power hungry!

I Choose Drama

What’s dull about being happily married is that you don’t get to listen to melancholic love songs the way you used to, hehehe. Yes you hear it, but listening like really LISTEN?!! Not anymore. I listen to “love songs” of any kind and of course, most of us relate to painful love songs than that of the happier kind like, Through the Years, Now That I Have You, and Born to Love You. UGHHH! I am more into listening to songs like, Set You Free, Nanliligaw, Naliligaw, Before I Let You Go, Paano, I Don’t Want to be Your Friend, and Jealous. It’s like there’s more fun listening to sadness than in happiness. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? 

The heartaches we’ve experienced in the past made us the way we are now. Some experienced the lighter aches and some were traumatized. 

Well, there are different kinds of people that hurt us and I guess the first one are the SELFISH ones. These are the people who think the world revolves around them. That they are Greek gods and goddesses that you have to worship, they would not really care about you, all they’d care about is the fact that you adore them and make them happy. 

Next are the INSENSITIVE ones, you know, these people should not spend lives with other people. They should be left alone forever! They wouldn’t really care about others because they are so thick they wouldn’t notice you’re hurting and you needed comfort. Or that you’re celebrating and you need someone to share happiness with. These people are useless! They won’t do you any good. Plus, you can’t make them accountable to it because in fact, all they’d say is, “I am sorry, I didn’t know!” 

Then there goes the CHEATERS. People have made a very stupid excuse for them (I don’t know if you notice this too) but cheaters nowadays have a lot of people defending them making their cheating an excuse for something the other party lacks. Nowadays, when the cheated party has gone bananas over the cheating, people become so forgiving on the cheater’s part and would start attacking the person cheated on. They would classify them being “BITTER” which is hello! What’s wrong with being bitter after being betrayed and deceived? It is a normal reaction of a NORMAL human being. People treat bitterness like it’s a crime that eventually absolves the cheater for what’s been done! Life really is a circus! 

So yeah, I am the kind of a happily married individual who enjoys overly dramatic love songs not because I could relate but because it’s the reality of life! People become happy yes, but is it where the road ends? We should also have sappy moments at times to make it a little more normal. 

We should face the fact that there are still lots of people who are so forgiving and some, seemingly blameless. Makes me sick! I like drama and I don’t like my being married limit my life into comedies!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pretty Little Liars, the Ultimate Cliffhanger

I think the one who tried to kill Ali is Jason. Because Mrs D. kept on saying in trance, "what have u done, what have you done?" Why did Mrs D. bury Ali?

Is it to protect whoever tried to kill her? It seems that Mr D. is out of the picture so who else does she feel the need to protect? JASON!!!!

And of all the people the liars were talking about, I mean they practically went one by one, why wasnt Jason mentioned?

And why was Noel even there?! Anyhow, I dont think Ezra is dead because the show invested so much on Ezra and Aria... What did Melissa whisper to her dad? She knew who killed the other girl perhaps...

And she must have been the one or she must have been with Ian. It is just so weird how Ali who left town due to fear can be so omnipresent too. Sooooo weird!!! Anyhow, if Jason is A, I wonder why would he be A?

What's the motive? Why didn't just Ezra blurt his name out?!! #cliffhangers #pllseasonfinale #ezraisdead #aria #spencer #hanna #emily #mona #ali #cecedrake #pll #jasonishot #jasonisa #mrsDisdead #iamsocurious


It's been 2 consecutive years that whenever my husband feels down, something nice happens to me at the same time which makes it hard for us to celebrate. I don't know why the timing is always this strategic but I just hope things will work better for him.

I know this is just one out of the million perks of marriage and I pray that through God's provisions, my husband gets the best ever because he is such a well-deserving dad.

We couldn't be more blessed... Having such a cute baby boy who is so smart and loving makes ourlives so happy! God has been so good to me that He has blessed me in every aspect of my life.. But God knows my ultimate desire, it is for me and Kaiser to be healthier for Brooklyn, my parents to have long lives, and for my sisters to always be safe and happy. We don't need to be rich or whatever! We just need longer time to spend loving one another... To see Brooklyn get old and have his own family, see him stable and successful.. Oh whatta dramatic entry!

Above all, I thank God He has blessed me with faith so strong I feel I am invincible! Thank you Lord!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flu Problems

If there is the so called sossy problems, I do have the flu problems. I am sickly and had it been few centuries back, I could have passed away with this simple fluish symptom.

I can feel my head becoming heavier, my eyes feel moist, sleepy and sore, and I cough a little--- tough luck, tomorrow I shall be sick.

I wish I am not like this. Sickly and can predict my own fate healthwise. I wish Brooklyn did not get this weak immunity from me, but he did.

I hope I get to rest well. I need tonight for myself. I need to sleep and not get irritated, otherwise, I'd definitely get sick.